Battery Fix for Apple iOS 5 Available Now

Mary Manzo

November 10, 2011

Battery Fix for Apple iOS 5 Available Now

iOS5BatteryLife.jpgFix your iPhone battery life draining woes now: The update for iOS 5, iOS 5.0.1 is available for users to download immediately via their ‘Software Update' option in the ‘Settings' of their iPhone.

Download it directly through the 'airwaves' into your Apple device:

Settings >> General >> Software Update >> iOS 5.0.1 Apple Inc.

Apparently the battery draining problems were connected to bugs in the calendar, time zone and location services for iOS 5 but Apple has neither confirmed nor denied this.

The update, which was obviously a response to the outcries and complaints regarding battery life, also featured some minor tweaks.

  • Updated bugs in the iCloud document syncing functionality.

  • Multitasking gestures for iPad 1

  • Fixes bugs in Apple's Smart Cover that were causing security issues for the iPad 2.
  • Improved voice recognition for Australian SIRI users.

It was last week that Apple acknowledged the issues users were experiencing with poor battery life.

If your phone doesn't find the update via ‘Settings' users can find the free update through iTunes.

According to TechCrunch the download should take no more than 10 minutes.

Users who have already downloaded the beta update have been expressing positive sentiments and it seems as though Apple has managed to fix the problem.


Mary Manzo

This article was published by Mary Manzo.

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