Oreo Attempts to Set the Guinness World Record- for the Most Facebook Likes!

Rania Eldekki

February 15, 2011

Oreo Attempts to Set the Guinness World Record- for the Most Facebook Likes!

Update: Although Lil Wayne tried to steal this title, Guinness World Records just awarded Oreo the record for the most "Likes" on a facebook post within a 24 hour period! 

Congrats to Oreo for being the first brand to hold this title! 

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Oreo wants to be the world's most ‘Liked' cookie, on facebook that is!

For about a week now, America's favorite cookie, Oreo, has been urging fans to join them today, 2/15/11, to take part in their quest for the first ever Guinness World Record- for the most facebook likes!

Oreo has been promoting this interesting ambition on social networking platforms facebook and twitter, in hopes that at least 50,000 of the 6oo million facebook members take part in this world wide record breaking campaign that will make Oreo the first company, ever, to hold this title.


On Friday, 2/11/11, Oreo's facebook status read:

On 2/15, at 9 am, look out for a special Oreo post where you can take part in setting the first ever Guinness World Record for the most "Likes" to a Facebook post within 24 hours. Let's go for over 45,000 "Likes!" Save the date and don't forget to bring some milk! (Dates and times in North American Eastern Standard Time)

After that status update received almost 7,ooo likes, Oreo decided to raise the bar and days later they followed up with a new goal in their status update:

Join us tomorrow to help set the first ever Guinness World Record for the most "Likes" to a Facebook post within 24 hours. Let's go for over 50,000 "Likes" - making Oreo the world's most ‘Liked' cookie.

They currently have 16,647,829 fans that ‘like' their facebook page, so it's pretty obvious that they'll reach their goal of going over 50,000 likes- especially since they're halfway there within the first hour of their Guinness World Record attempt!

I've been tracking the growth, it's interesting to see just how viral this is becoming, check it out below:

• Just 10 minutes in and they already have over 8,000 likes!

• 20 minutes, over 13,000 likes

• 30 minutes, over 17,000 likes

• 40 minutes, over 19,000 likes

• 50 minutes, over 22,000 likes

• 60 minutes, over 24,000 likes


It truly seems as if Oreo is "making history" right now; every single time I refresh the page, there are hundreds of new fans ‘liking' Oreo's facebook status in an effort to help their favorite cookie set a Guinness World Record.

I'm sure this title will be one many companies try to steal over the course of this year- and I'm interested to see what other Internet-related Guinness World Records companies will try to set over the next few years.

Any predictions? Share your thoughts below!

Rania Eldekki

This article was published by Rania Eldekki.

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