Social Influence: What's Your Klout Score?

Yfran Garcia

December 29, 2011

Social Influence: What's Your Klout Score?

Do you know your Klout score? It's ok - not many people do.

Klout measures your social influence

Klout is an online analytics platform that measures a user's social influence. Launched in September of 2009, the program measures how influential a user is on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Klout then gives users a score from 1-100 to rate their level of influence.

Klout score breakdown

Upon joining, Klout asks users to connect all their social profiles as the more you connect, the more accurate your Klout score will be. The Klout Score is broken down into these 3 components:

True Reach: True Reach focuses on the number of people you reach in your network and your friends' networks. This is similar to Facebook impressions.
Amplification: Amplification looks at just how much you influence people. In other words, it looks at how much interaction your content gets.
Network Influence: Network Influence is how influential the people in your network are. Your Network Influence score increases depending on how many influential people in your network you also influence.

Confused yet? Just know that Klout is all about influence - your influence and your network's influence.

Is Klout score important?

Is having a healthy Klout score important? Yes...and no.

A good Klout score suggests that a user is very influential on his/her social networks, and if that holds true, then that user is a business' dream come true. Businesses and brands are always trying to find their biggest advocates. A healthy Klout score suggests that you are someone who can spread positive messages about the brand to your networks. As a result, brands are looking to reward these influential users for doing so.

Others will argue that a Klout score means absolutely nothing at this point in time. According to a Constant Contact interview, senior content developer, Dave Charest, had this to say about Klout:

"I don't think it matters for any industry, simply because it's not a true measure of influence. There are so many unknown factors...You could be the CEO of a company and have a low Klout score. Does that mean you aren't influential in the business or the community?"

My Klout score has risen +1 since writing this article

Increasing your Klout score

If you believe in the power of a Klout score, then you're most likely interested in improving yours.

Since Klout takes a look at your social media profiles as a way to measure your influence, it's no secret that your engagement and ability to get people to interact both play significant roles in increasing your Klout score. Other ways to increase your Klout score include creating shareable content and keeping up with your engagement levels.

Although Klout scores may not be important right now, there certainly seems to be some potential in the near future. Klout offers businesses the opportunity to discover their most loyal customers. Word-of-mouth is just important online as it is off. Knowing which users will be the best for word-of-mouth is information that businesses all over the world will want access to.

What do you think of Klout's future? Do you think Klout will have a significant impact on businesses? Weigh in below or visit us on the Hudson Horizons Facebook page.

Yfran Garcia

This article was published by Yfran Garcia.

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