WebPlatform.org Launched by Google, Microsoft, Facebook And Others

Jason Tezgerevski

October 09, 2012

WebPlatform.org Launched by Google, Microsoft, Facebook And Others

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Tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe, Facebook, HP, Nokia, Mozilla, Opera and the W3C, have announced that they will be partnering up to launch a Web Platform Docs project- WebPlatform.org. The site is a community of developers who build resources to create a better overall web experience. Anyone has the ability to share their personal web experiences and add to the site. With each person that shares their knowledge, WebPlatform.org will become a stronger site. Opera software has stated that the website hopes to create a platform that will introduce new web standards. The core purpose of the site is to assist web developers in easily finding useful information that will be beneficial to them when working on a website.

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The companies who have chose to back WebPlatform.org strongly agree that it can be difficult for developers to questions that reference modern web technologies. Developers are used to assessing their web problems through testing various html codes and by using different browsers. Today, developers must test their site by using different browsers in order to ensure all content shows up as planned. It is standard to test at least five browsers when developing a new website. Adobe suggests that the new site will change this process by offering developers one reliable rescource that they can visit.

WebPlatform.org has been already filled with useful information from the supporting companies who are backing the project. The W3C eill be responsible for curating inquiries sent to the site, but it is still important to remember that this site will improve with the efoort of dedicated individuals contributing.

Jason Tezgerevski

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