Creating Customer Interest
& Maintaining Social Relationships

Your website displays your products and services, and your social media accounts showcase your brand voice. Now, you can interact with loyal customers while fostering new relationships with the help of our SMM agency.

Social Media - Engaging


We create original content and campaigns that get your customers thinking, talking, and shopping.

Social Media - Timely


We stay updated with industry-specific news and post on your social media accounts accordingly.

Social Media - Consistent


Regular, relevant social media posts can transform a business into a brand, and a brand into an icon.

Services include:

  • Community management
  • Ad campaign creation and implementation
  • Optimized daily/weekly/monthly updates
  • Reputation management
  • Custom tabs and graphics
  • Contest creation and promotion

Our Approach

The Hudson social media marketing team has the creativity, research strategies, industry experience, and analytic tools to determine your customer demographics and ensure circulation of your business’s content. We present our clients with custom social media designs, ad campaigns, contests, graphics, and text posts. We utilize a wide variety of media to provide your brand with maximum exposure and a solid brand voice. By establishing a unique, professional social media presence, we promote positive brand reputation and customer interaction in all facets of social networking.

“The digital marketing team is full of creators. The reason our campaigns stand out is because they're built with passion. That's what separates us from your typical marketing agency.”

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Rania Eldekki

Internet Marketing Manager

Rania Eldekki
Hudson Social Media

Isn’t it time you established a solid social media presence? Let us help you become an industry leader.

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