Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Hits the Market

Kelsey Kistle

December 13, 2012

Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Hits the Market

For those of you who don't know, Microsoft has been whipping together a tablet that could be the best of the best, blowing all other tablets out of the water. Well, Microsoft has officially done it. Today the Microsoft Surface RT tablet is available for purchase. You are probably thinking, am I supposed to know what you are talking about? Well, surely you have seen the commercial with the tablet that clicks onto the keyboard. Yeah, THAT is the Microsoft Surface RT tablet. Here's what you want to know about this new tablet.


Microsoft Surface RT Tablet


This tablet was meant to improve the life of the average business person. The Microsoft Surface RT tablet was built for those who use the Microsoft programming (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) on a daily basis. The tablet comes installed with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT preview. This can even be a great gift for students who are sick of lugging around that heavy, bulky laptop computer. It also runs current Windows 7 desktop applications, but is installed with Windows 8 Pro. There are many other great features to this little tablet such as security, applications and productivity. This innovative product will be a great improvement for these hard working individuals.

Where to Buy It

Microsoft has taken to the strategy of expanding the reach of this tablet to not only their Microsoft stores, but through other electronic stores such as Staples and Best Buy, as well. This expansion of sale locations will increase their sales, but will also help you, the consumer, with finding a convenient location to purchase the tablet. As of now, the tablet is only available in the United States and Australia.


The Surface RT comes in two sizes; 32GB and 64GB. However, there are two options with the 32 GB since everyone loves options!


The price of this tablet ranges on location. The starting price for just about all locations for the 32 GB tablet is $499.00. This price is for the tablet only. However, you do have options! For the 32 GB with the Touch Cover the price increases to $599.00. Lastly, the fully loaded 64 GB with Touch Cover is approximately $699.00.


The tablet itself only comes in black, but again, you have choices when it comes to the Touch Cover. For the Microsoft Surface RT tablet's attachable Touch Cover, you can choose from black, cyan (blue), red, magenta (pink) or white.

Microsoft Surface RT Touch Cover Color Options

That's the shortened information of the new Microsoft Surface RT tablet. If you want help deciding which version of the RT tablet is better for you or want to learn more, visit the Microsoft website.


Kelsey Kistle

This article was published by Kelsey Kistle.

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