The New Facebook Layout? Introducing Facebook Timeline

Rania Eldekki

January 25, 2012

The New Facebook Layout? Introducing Facebook Timeline

"How do I switch back to the old Facebook layout?!" is a question I've been asked a lot during the past few weeks, as Facebook slowly rolls out the timeline to users across the globe.

The simple answer? You can't.
My advice? Embrace it!

Embrace Facebook Timeline

Facebook just announced that timeline would be unveiled to all facebook users within a week, whether you want it or not. I've compiled a few resources to help you understand and embrace the new Facebook layout that you're stuck with. (Until Facebook decides to revamp things once again, that is.)

Seven Resources to help you Embrace Facebook Timeline:

Introducing Facebook Timeline
This introduction will explain the basics of Facebook timeline so you can fully understand and even take advantage of your own timeline.

How to: Master Facebook Timeline in 5 Quick Minutes
If you have five minutes to spare, this useful article will help you become a pro at using the new Facebook design.

Facebook Timeline: 10 Simple Tricks & Tips
The great advice listed in this article will help you become accustomed to your new Facebook timeline.

The New Facebook Layout: 9 Things you Need to Know
Posted back in December, this article gives you insight on how Facebook timeline operates. Just ignore the first tip as the 7 day review period will no longer apply next week. 

Prep for Face book's Timeline Layout: 6 Must-Do Privacy Tweaks
Everyone on Facebook is always so concerned with privacy- and with the new timeline, privacy concerns are still an issue. Following the advice in this helpful article will help ensure you're protected on Facebook.

Face book's New Timeline Feature and How to Hide Your Embarrassing Old Posts
There's a simple way to hide posts from timeline. And now that you have timeline, it's time to decide what should stay and what should go!

How to: Make your Cover Photo Sparkle
Everyone knows you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but that's exactly what will happen with your cover photo. Make sure your cover photo is unique and fabulous so that those judging your page by its cover, will only have good things to say.

Bonus: Facebook Apps
Over 80 apps were just launched to help you keep your friends updated on know what you're reading, listening to, cooking and more. Sounds like information overload to me but I'm interested to see how this pans out.

New Facebook Timeline

Do you love or hate the new Facebook timeline? Please share any other timeline resources you have come across below!

Rania Eldekki

This article was published by Rania Eldekki.

Rania studied Psychology & Marketing during her time at Montclair State University. As Digital Marketing Manager at Hudson, she trains all marketing hires and manages client social accounts. In addition, Rania tackles a number of duties to ensure that both the company and clients are succeeding. With a knack for writing and marketing, Rania's campaign management has garnered high results and success.

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